Homemade bread with dipping sauces 14 NIS
Homemade freekeh soup with zucchini and fresh herbs 22 NIS


Lebanese tabouleh salad, parsley, tomatoes, spring onions dressed with .lemon juice & olive oil

Traditional Fatoush salad with sumac and Arabic cheese

Mussels with parmesan cheese, garlic and special herbs (extra 12 Nis)

Herb salad from the galilee mountains with toasted cashew, lemon juice and olive oil

Fish ceviche le chef with garlic, olive oil and shanklish cheese (extra 22 Nis)

Roasted "Baaladi" eggplant with tahini sauce and homemade matbukha

Homemade pickled anchovy's bruschetta with roasted peppers (extra 18 Nis)*seasonal

Small mezeh plates with homemade bread (extra 46 Nis) 

Homemade pickled local tuna served on top of tahini bruschetta (extra 18 Nis)*seasonal 
Main Course

Vegetarian fettuccine with hint of local mushrooms and creme sauce - 62 NIS 

Fried calamari served with  sauces on the side - 84 NIS

Fried small fish from the port of Acre (catch of the day) platter served with Homemade French fries - 72 NIS

Homemade kebab topped with green tahini sauce, rocket salad and sumac - 74 NIS

Grilled/ fried sea bream served with roasted fresh vegetables/ French fries - 84 NIS

El Marsa shrimps, chili pepper, garlic, lemon juice, coriander and olive oil - 89 NIS

Fettuccine pasta with seafood Jerusalem artichoke sauce and truffle oil - 92 NIS

Barramundi grilled fish fillet, served with freekeh and fresh herbs - 94 NIS

Vegetarian fettuccine with mushrooms sauce and truffle oil – 59 NIS    

Sirloin skewer with potatoes puree and hot chili- 96 NIS

Grilled /fried sea wolf served with roasted fresh vegetables/French fries - 106 NIS

Grilled /fried Grubber served with roasted fresh vegetables/French fries – 126 NIS

Soft drinks to choice lemonade/orange juice
Glass of wine/draft local beer 19 Nis
Business Menu