Alaa Musa was born in Akko who from the very beginning of his childhood worked at a famous fish restaurant in Akko, where was first exposed to fish and seafood.

In parallel to his working at the restaurant Alaa studied at Dan Gourmet, a fine culinary arts cooking center that sets new standards for studying cooking and meets the stringent requirements used in professional cooking schools around the world.

During his studies, due to his skills and motivation, and knowledge learned, Alaa was recognized by the chef at the famous restaurant and was assigned as the apprentice to one of the cooks in the restaurant. When he finished his studies Alaa worked at some leading restaurants in Eilat and Tel Aviv. When he was only 21 years old Alaa was appointed as sous-chef at the well-known Carmela Restaurant.

Alaa continued to realize his love for the kitchen but this time abroad. In Sweden Alaa worked at three Michelin-starred restaurants, such as Operakallare, F12, and Le Rouge. Working at these international restaurants and kitchens allowed Alaa to be exposed to the secrets of molecular cooking, to innovative cooking techniques, not yet recognized in Israel.

After four years Alaa decided to return to his hometown Akko to realize his childhood dream. In 2012 he opened ELMARSA together with his partner Marwan Sawaed, a childhood friend. In addition to his time in the kitchen and on the restaurant floor, close to his valued guests, Alaa also conducts a fish cooking workshop that includes a culinary tour of the Old Acre market, a presentation of fish cooking techniques, and hands-on classes.
ELMARSA Restaurant, Fisherman's Wharf, Old Akko
Chef Alaa Musa